• Gratuity – Tip Calculator for Apple Watch

    Gratuity – Tip Calculator for Apple Watch

    Here’s a quick Apple Watch version of my Tip Calculator “Gratuity”.  

  • First Apple Watch App

    First Apple Watch App

    Dabbling with the Apple Watch SDK…

  • iOS Today screen freeSpace widget

    iOS Today screen freeSpace widget

    Converted freeSpace into a Today Screen widget for fun. Looks like 2015 is going to be interesting as I get back into development big time.

  • LockScreen


    This app provides a quick way to lock your screen if you’re in a hurry! Lockscreen provides a global-hotkey listener for the Control-Alt-Delete key press historically known as ‘The three finger salute’. Upon detecting the key press, it will shut off your displays regardless of what application you’re in. Download…

  • Monitor updated for iOS 7!

    Monitor updated for iOS 7!

    Here’s a few screenshots of Monitor running under iOS 7. A few tweaks to the navigation needed to be done to correctly work with iOS 7’s new status bar. I also started to experiment with “frosted glass” on the dialog boxes.

  • Add a Laser Pointer to your iOS App

    Add a Laser Pointer to your iOS App

    Just drop in this replacement UIWindow subclass and your app will automatically determine when an external screen is available. It will show every touch on-screen with a nice partially-transparent graphic that automatically fades out when the touch ends. LaserPointer requires iOS 5.0 or greater and ARC. Download Example Project LaserPointer.h…

  • Alert – Mac OS X Network Heartbeat Status

    Alert – Mac OS X Network Heartbeat Status

    Here’s a cool way to visually see when a device, server, or website on your network is unavailable. I thought this might be useful, so I decided why not make one more OS X menu bar app to do just that. Since I can easily get the heartbeat data thru…

  • Fun with the Leap Motion

    Fun with the Leap Motion

    Just a little video of me testing an Objective C app with Leap Motion integration. Demo of controlling graphical elements on the screen with hand gestures!

  • Forging More Uptime

    Forging More Uptime

    My app Monitor has made the news! read below: How a major steel manufacturer in the U.S. implemented pro-active monitoring and maximized server availability. This case study examines how Majestic Steel, the nation’s premier supplier of prime, coated, flat-rolled steel, increased server availability and reduced downtime with EventSentry. Read Article

  • PopWeather 2.0

    PopWeather 2.0

    PopWeather is a simple, yet powerful OS X menu bar app. Simply glance up and look at the current temperature outside. Click the icon to get a more detailed view of what the current conditions are and what the next five days will look like. Features: * User selectable update…